Love Is In The Air

Before the month of February comes to a close let’s take a few moments to reflect on love. Love is about being close to other people and having a genuine interest in their well-being and happiness. You use this strength when you give your child a tender hug after school, empathize with your sibling about … Continue reading Love Is In The Air


What Went Well

It is a wonderful gift when life hands us abundance, however, it has caused me to slip from my Friday employee engagement blogs. My schedule has been so full these past few months that I have not taken the time to write. Many of you have mentioned how much you appreciate and look forward to … Continue reading What Went Well

A Thanksgiving “Blessing”

My employee engagement Friday blogs have diminished in frequency lately. Writing doesn’t come easily for me and I have to feel inspired to complete my blog. When I read this blessing, I felt that inspiration: Everyone has something of beauty about them. Everyone you meet has something to teach you. Look up. Be present and … Continue reading A Thanksgiving “Blessing”


An Attitude of Gratitude

Research shows that people who cultivate gratitude get a boost in happiness and optimism, feel more connected to other people, are better-liked and have more friends, and are more likely to help others. They even sleep better and have fewer headaches (unless you’ve recently switched from your morning pot of coffee to a cup of … Continue reading An Attitude of Gratitude


In Charge vs. In Your Charge

I recently watched Simon Sinek’s talk, Nobody Wins. Simon proposes that there are two things great leaders need, empathy and perspective. As an employee, we are responsible for doing the job. As a leader, we are responsible for the people who are responsible for doing the job. It’s hard to make the transition from being … Continue reading In Charge vs. In Your Charge


3 Questions for Better Engagement

If any of you are parents or been in a position to watch children, you’ve probably caught yourself asking one of these questions: (1) What on earth have you done? (2) What in the ___ are you doing? (3) What will you think of next? In Robert Fulghum’s book “What On Earth Have I Done? … Continue reading 3 Questions for Better Engagement


Conversations that Amaze!

Recently I read a quote that has stuck with me. “You bring your own weather to a picnic.” At first I laughed a bit and then I thought about it in many different contexts. If I show up and let the troubles of the day and frustrations I might be experiencing color my attitude and … Continue reading Conversations that Amaze!